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Fri, 23 Jul 2010

More Grandparent trip

Since my computer logs me out after one hour, I had to end that last entry and start again.

Since I couldn't find my camera for our first and second stops (Valley  Forge, and downtown Philly)

Ill skip to stop #3: Washington D.C. My Grandpa didn't stop at any of the sights, though this was not his fault, as my cousins forgot to get out of their pajamas before getting in the car that morning, something  I was quite displeased with. So we just drove past the sights. 


Afterwards, we visited Mt. Vernon, which was of course, the home of George Washington. I found this quite annoying that we were not allowed to take pictures inside. bild0959.jpg

The next day we visited Williamsburg, a colonial town that was restored. A highlight was  the Governor's Palace, where the governor of Virginia lived. This carpet is a reproduction of the original. I thought is was pretty amazing that in that  time period they were capable of such finery.


 This is the blacksmith shop of colonial  Willliamsburg.They had various tools that had been made in the shop, lying around on a table. What I found interesting, is that the blacksmith shop was made of wood. I wonder how often it burned down. 

We also saw a  fife and drum corps. 

And here I am in the stocks. What an evil criminal I am.


The next day we visited Jamestown. The end. For you.


We also went to Yorktown. This is Yorktown, where the final battle of the Revolutionary war took place. We saw lots of cannons. I learned how to fire a cannon. 


Then we went on to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. I believe we all know who he was. And he had a great name.  And red hair. 


I loved the architecture at Monticello. The same day we went to Gettysburg, a major battlefield of the Civil War. There were lots of guns there.


Since the computer is about to log me out again, I will end this now and write more later. 

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Grandparent Trip


This summer I got to travel on a trip with my grandparents and three cousins. We left from the Hall family reunion in Rigby, Idaho to go on a two and a half week trip. We visited Valley Forge, Downtown Philly, Williamsburg, Jamestown, Appomattox courthouse, Gettysburg, Yorktown, Monticello, Mt Vernon, and Washington DC for our American history tour. And for our LDS Church history tour we visited the Joseph Smith birthplace in Vermont, Kirtland, Joseph Smith farm/Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah Pageant, Liberty Jail, Carthage Jail/ Nauvoo, Nauvoo Pageant, Winter Quarters, Far West, Independence MO, and Adam-ondi-Ahman. 



The cousins that I traveled with were named Macey, Miranda, and Kyrie. We found many ways to entertain ourselves in the car. Macey brought pipe cleaners and our grandparents brought card games. We watched a few movies. We played with stuffed animals. We spent a long time driving and we often slept. One time, Grandpa drove from Hill Cumorah to Nauvoo in one night. 


This is the site of the Garden of Eden, or at least the picture I took of it. You could tell that there was much lasting beauty. This is also called the Valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman. 


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